When mining coal, ores or salts underground, both men and equipment are exposed to extreme operating conditions. The special safety requirements demand suitable and proven operating material. In the field of filtration, we thus provide proven filter media that are adjusted to various filtering systems.

Fields of application

High-pressure filtration

Mining equipment and safety shields are operated hydraulically. The hydraulic circuit, which often reaches lengths of several miles, is operated with up to 350 bar in upstream flow. In the pressure piping contamination most commonly results from metallic abrasion, dust, and scale. To ensure a precise operation of regulating valves, for instance, fully automated backwash filters are used to clean the hydraulic fluid. Our filter elements for this field of application are adjusted to various backwash filter plants. Filter media with a filter fineness of ≥ 20 µm are available.

Water filtration

For sprinkling water filtration, mine drainage water filtration, filtration at a planer, coolant circuit filtration, tank filtration and filtration at a shearer loader various filtration system are used. For these applications we provide a wide range of filter elements with optimal filtering media.


  • Filter elements
  • Piping filters
  • Candle filters